• Bomberman: State Of The Game (3)

    Last few days I’ve been relaxing a bit. For one, I’ve been playing Baldur’s Gate again. I would love to create an RPG like Baldur’s Gate myself some day, but the work involved is massive. Between chilling out and playing Baldur’s Gate, I did find some time to work on Bomberman.

  • Bomberman: State Of The Game (2)

    In the last few days I worked a bit more on Bomberman. Time for another status update, but first a little demo:

  • Bomberman: State Of The Game

    I hope to finish the whole Bomberman game before October 2016. Currently progress is slow but steady.

  • Future Projects

    In order to become a better game programmer, I would like to work on several games in the nearby future. I think this article is an excellent guide on starting game development. In short, the article states the following: