• Current Projects

    Like I explained in a previous post, I decided to focus mainly on my own projects for the nearby future. My goal is to complete three projects before october 2016. On one hand it seems like a lot of time, but software projects have the tendency to always fall short on development time eventually.

  • Working Remotely In Pattaya

    For the independent or remote developer, Thailand can be a great place to work from. Many of the bigger cities have great co-working spaces. Co-working spaces are nice, because you get to meet other people. Often good coffee is served and these places have often good internet speeds.

  • Plans Are Useless, But Planning Is Indispensable

    Last year, while on holiday in Thailand, I met a nice girl. We could have a good laugh and she seemed like a decent lady. Since life is short, I decided that I would return to Thailand as soon as possible. In Thailand I would find out if we can have a nice future together.

  • Hello, World!

    - (void)hello {
        NSLog(@"Hello, world!");