Last year, while on holiday in Thailand, I met a nice girl. We could have a good laugh and she seemed like a decent lady. Since life is short, I decided that I would return to Thailand as soon as possible. In Thailand I would find out if we can have a nice future together.

I figured that it would be best to get a remote job. Some security in the form of income. So on I went, on the remote job hunt using sites like Ziptask, We Work Remotely, AngelList, Upwork,, etc…

Eventually I connected with a company in New York. We had a nice chat over Skype and I got invited to visit New York, to have a talk with the owner.

Things seemed great. I would earn a good income and the job seemed interesting enough. I thought I was ready to move to Thailand for a long time. I would easily be able to afford both a good life here, while still keeping the mortgage on my house in The Netherlands.

New York Hotel New York Street

Sadly, shortly after I arrived in Thailand, things changed for the worse. It seemed we both had different expectations from the job. The owner of the company needed a software developer that also has designer chops. I, on the other hand, assumed I would get a design sent to me and I would just implement it. So after only working for about a week together, the owner told me I did not fit the requirements. We seperated, but the owner told me I could call him again in the future once I’ve worked on my design skills.

I figured at this point I have many of my own ambitions. In the future I would like to work full-time on my own projects. And I still have savings. So my plans changed.

I’ve decided to finish at least 2 of my own projects and see if it will grant me some sustainable income. It’s a risk, I might lose a lot of savings, but I will gain a lot of experience. I will learn the Thai language, experience Thai culture & food, meet new people and enjoy nice weather.

In the end I think the potential gains will outweigh the risks.