Like I explained in a previous post, I decided to focus mainly on my own projects for the nearby future. My goal is to complete three projects before october 2016. On one hand it seems like a lot of time, but software projects have the tendency to always fall short on development time eventually.

Some might wonder why I don’t focus on a single project at a time. For my personal projects I find it hard to work in such a way. Sometimes I need inspiration before I can continue work. Or maybe I need time to think over a good implementation for a problem.

I’ve found out that having multiple, somewhat different projects can help. When I’m stuck on one project, I switch to another. And usually, over time, I will find inspiration to continue work on the other project.

So what are the current projects I’m working on? Well, at the moment it’s the following:

  • Stock tracking app for iOS (freelance work for a client).
  • A Bomberman game for the AppleTV.
  • Thai ABC learning app.

Bomberman Thai ABC

Please note: the current assets in Bomberman are for development purposes only, based on the assets of Factor Software’s BOOM.

Of course the stock tracking app is currently the highest priority, since it’s work for a client. I’m not happy I accepted this job, but I’ll finish it regardless. In the future I need to be more critical when accepting projects through a platform like Upwork. I hope to finish this project in the next two weeks.

The SpriteKit game is really fun to work on. I’m currently about 65% finished, I think. It’s an old-school arcade game for 1 or 2 players. It should be fun to play in the living room behind the television set.

The Thai ABC learning app is also fun. But currently I’m kind of stuck. One might think of this app as DuoLingo, but limited to just the ABC. I have nice plans for the future of this app, but currently I need inspiration on how to make the user progress through the app. What the UI should be after a user has finished a lesson.

Finally, this website can be seen as a bonus project. The site is not finished yet and I would like to clean-up and simplify the code. I also would like to add some archives module, AdSense and maybe some other small features.

In the next post I’ll explain future projects I’d like to work on.