Since I’ve been a little bit quited the last few weeks, I guess it’s time for a short status update. At the moment I’ve put Bomberman on hold, but still plan to resume work in a few weeks. At the same time I’ve continued work on my Thai ABC app and I am also doing some translation work for free.

So why did I put Bomberman on hold? An

At the moment I am not sure what would be the best steps to move forward with the game. At the same time I could finish some boring, repetitive work for the Thai-ABC app, so for me it made more sense to continue this. I’ve also cut some functionality that I initially planned, so I can release quicker.

Thai-ABC App

The Thai-ABC app will initially only include exercises for the 44 Thai consonants. Perhaps at a later point I’ll add exercises for the 32 vowels as an in-app purchase.

Through I’m trying to find a relatively cheap designer to create icons for each consonant. I’m hoping to spend no more than 250 EUR on this. I’m currently in talks with 3 designers and hopefully I can make my definitive choice by tomorrow.

I would love to finish the Thai-ABC app by half July at the latest. But still lot of work remains to be done:

  • How to make lessons fun, engaging? Add some gamification perhaps?
  • Implement in-app purchases.
  • Setup a website for support.
  • Add analytics, crash logging.

Translation Work

Recently Dutch book publisher ‘De Blauwe Tijger’ was looking for people to help with translation of the book ‘The WikiLeaks Files’. The book has to be translated from English to Dutch. I’ve offered to help. I will translate a single chapter from the book. I hope to finish a draft version next by next monday at the latest. Hopefully the whole translation will be finalized in about 2 weeks.

Since this publisher is very small and makes little to no profit, they could not offer me any money for the work, but they promised to send two copies of the book to me.

The nice thing about this work, is that it gave me an idea for what an ideal translation app should look like, so that might a be a nice idea to persue in the future.