It’s been about six weeks since I last updated my weblog. So here’s a short update on what I’ve been up to.

Translation Work

I finally finished my translation work for the Dutch publisher. At times I found it hard to motivate myself to finish this, but I feel happy I finally completed this work last friday. I am quite happy with the result, though I believe the work could be improved upon if I had more time. The work involved translating a chapter in a book on the WikiLeaks. The chapter had to be translated from English to Dutch. The published asked me to translate the chapter on Israel, which I did, but with mixed feelings. Personally I support Israel and while the country is not perfect and might sometimes do bad things, I still believe it’s the most free and fair country in the Middle-East. Additionally, Jews cannot defend themselves anywhere in the world and in many countries, even in Europe, we see a rising anti-semitism, which is closely related to the mass immigration of muslims in Europe).

When translating the chapter, I managed to keep my personal feelings out of the work and I would like to note that the chapter I translated doesn’t necessarily reflect my personal views on the subject.

The book is due for release in september.

Other Projects

A friend offered to help me with both my Thai ABC app and the Bomberman game. Both projects are both still in progress, but I’m fairly certain I can finish the Thai ABC app before the end of september. With regards to the Bomberman game, I am less optimistic. Most likely the game will be finished around the end of the year. There will be several things I have to add to the game that were not part of my initial estimates and might be tricky to implement at this point.

At the moment I’m trying to clean-up the menu’s for Bomberman. I’ve also added a boss in the last few weeks, though some fine-tuning is needed to make him work (mostly) like in the original game. I’m still considering if I should build a level/sprite editor. Creating levels with ASCII and configuring monsters with JSON is a bit of a PITA and error prone. On the other hand, creating a level editor in itself is a pretty big project.