Last weekend we visited Sriracha Tiger Zoo. Sriracha is a town perhaps a 40 minute drive from Pattaya, so for us it’s relatively close. My girlfriend knew a taxi driver that drove us to Sriracha Tiger Zoo and back home for 800 Baht including tip, or around 20 EUR.

The zoo has 3 main shows, all fun:

  • An alligator show.
  • A tiger show.
  • An elephant show.

Apart from these shows, there are several other fun activities, like pig racing, feeding fish and shoot game to feed the tigers with. Most of these activities cost a small fee.

All in all I thought it was pretty fun day. Farang (Thai speak for foreigner) have to pay a bit more than native Thai people to enter the zoo; farang pay 450 Baht, Thai people 200 Baht.

I’ve made a small compilation of clips from the shows which can be seen on YouTube.

Tiger Zoo (1) Tiger Zoo (2) Tiger Zoo (3) Tiger Zoo (4) Tiger Zoo (5) Tiger Zoo (6) Tiger Zoo (7) Tiger Zoo (8)