A lot has happened since last time I’ve posted. I kind of feel I’ve neglected this diary of sorts, I aim to update it more frequently in the future.

Our Daughter Jasmine

About 1.5 year ago our daughter was born. A beautiful daughter with nickname Jasmine (Thai people like to keep the official name ‘secret’ as protection against evil spirits). During Nat’s pregnancy I spend most of my time in The Netherlands working, but my client did allow me to travel back to Thailand to witness the birth of our daughter.

Family 1 Family 2

Nat & Jasmine’s First Visit To The Netherlands

A few months after our daughter was born we went through a complicated process to get a Schengen tourist visa for both Nat and Jasmine. We made use of an agent, so it did cost me quite a bit of money, but it did speed up the process and allowed my family to meet Nat and Jasmine. Nat and Jasmine stayed in The Netherlands for about 10 weeks. During our stay Nat got a little bit in touch with Dutch culture.

Building A Home In Thailand

After returning to Thailand we hired a contractor to build a house in the village where Nat was born. Our contracter hired some villagers to build the house according to our plans. The whole process took around 6 months and cost us around 35.000 EUR. For this money we were able to build a pretty nice home with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 office, a very large living room and an external kitchen/dining room.

House 1 House 2 House 3 House 4 Kitchen 1 Kitchen 2

But … this house isn’t our dreamhome yet, though it’s a very nice first towards living together in Thailand. In the future we’d like a house on a large plot of land (perhaps 1 rai) with a swimming pool. My girlfriend would like to do some farming and gardening. And I’d like to swim daily to stay fit.

Driving Lessons & Our First Car

In september both me and Nat started our driving lessons. I never completed my driving lessons in The Netherlands, but especially in Thailand when living as remote as we do, it’s nice to have a car. We both completed the exams and Nat has her driving license by now. I still have to wait for some official documents from Thai immigration in order for me to receive my license, but I expect that will be finished by the end of October. In the meanwhile we bought a nice Toyota Hilux Revo Rocco 4-door pick-up. I hope this pick-up will last us a long time.

Rocco 1 Rocco 2

Codementor & Thai Consonant Trainer App

A few months ago I wrote my first article for Codementor and that has been a good experience, so will try to write more in the future.

I also finally released my Thai Consonant training app and while I believe it could be much, much better, I don’t feel like doing any additional development on it anymore. And I am happy I see at least a few users use the app every couple of days.

Future Plans

After experimenting a bit with CreateML I did have an idea for a new app and Codementor article, so that’s what I’ll try to work on in the coming weeks. The app will also be a tool to help learn the Thai language.

I also hope to follow Thai language lessons again. A local school will probably have time to teach me Thai language in a month or so.