In the last couple of weeks I’ve been quite busy with my freelance job, but I did find the time to add a few more small improvements to Lethal Pongbat. I also did a bit of multiplayer testing. I plan to release the game on August 8. There’s a few more issues to be resolved, but I should be able to resolve all prior to the release. One of my main goals prior to releasing the app is to simplify and improve the networking code. There’s a few more small bugs to fix and minor improvements to implement provided I find the time.

Once Lethal Pongbat is released, I want to start on my next project. Since I am still starting out in game dev, I don’t want to take on projects that are very ambitious. I think it’s better to just release multiple games a year for now. For now I’d like to focus on remakes of classic Macintosh games.

For the next game I want to create modern remake of The Scarab of Ra. For the remake I’d like to make use of a 3D engine for LÖVE. The game should show fluent animations for walking around the pyramid, creature and player attacks and such, but otherwise be very faithful to the original.

I’ve found a couple of 3D engines that can be used with LÖVE and I am not sure what would be the best one to choose. Then there’s also LÖVR which is API-wise quite similar to LÖVE, but is targeted towards VR hardware. I feel it’d be fun to get a Scarab of Ra clone working on a Oculus Quest, so this is another SDK that I consider.

Anyway, that’s all for now - more to come in a future post.