In 2017 I worked on a Bomberman clone. More specifically a clone of the classic Macintosh BOOM game.

This version of the game was probably my fourth re-write. The first version of the game was written in Objective-C using SpriteKit. I believe I started using Swift in the second rewrite. Each re-write did result in better, cleaner code, due to lessons learned. I believe the state of this codebase is pretty decent.

I never got to finish the game, but got along quite far in the development process. The game included several levels, several enemies and at least the first boss. I created the levels using the Tiled map editor.

The repo doesn’t include any assets, since the assets were provided through an asset pipeline that I created and lost (see the AssetManager for more info). However, one could probably re-create the asset pipeline by studying the code, creating levels in Tiled and taking the sprites in the original BOOM game. Also, each entity did rely on some JSON config file (see ConfigComponent for more info).

The code is archived on Github.

In the future I hope to revisit this project, but using Lua and LÖVE instead of SpriteKit.