Quest is a turn-based rogue-like RPG I worked on in the past. The game is far from finished, but I did make some decent progress.

The game is written in Swift and was meant to be released on macOS, iOS and tvOS when finished. I created the Dungeon Builder and Harptos libraries to use in this game.

During my work on Quest I also worked on a personal framework for game development called Fenris. This framework was meant to include many SpriteKit based controls, as SpriteKit itself is limited to labels and buttons. However, I got stuck trying to create a good control for inventory management, hence I paused work on Fenris.

As I don’t intend to use SpriteKit anymore for game development in the future, I’ve archived the game on Github.

In the future I hope to do a re-write of Quest in Lua with LÖVE 2D.