Wolf in Thailand

Hi, I’m Wolfgang Schreurs, an software developer from The Netherlands. I did study in the past, but as of yet never completed my studies. Instead, I chose to focus on software development full-time.


My main expertise is building mobile apps for iOS. Additionaly I have some experience in building Android apps. In the past I’ve also made desktop apps for small and medium sized businesses.

Languages and environments I’ve used mostly are:

  • Objective-C (with Xcode)
  • C# (with Xamarin)

Additionally I’ve written a bit of Java and Ruby code. I’ve also written shell scripts in the past.

At the moment I’m learning Swift while building a game for the AppleTV. Soon I expect to be an experienced Swift developer.

My resume is available for download here.

I expect to be available again for freelance jobs around the end of 2016. I hope to finish my own projects before october 2016. My rate is 85 EUR excluding VAT.


My hobbies revolve mainly around doing some excercise, like swimming or running. In the past I used to play lots & lots of computer games (perhaps too much), but at the moment can’t really find the time.

I also like to read books every now & then. With regards to books my main interests are books about software development and fiction.


In the past I’ve had a major depression, but nowadays I’m happy most of the time. In the future I like to emigrate to a warmer country and focus more on my own products.

This year (2016) I’ll be living most of my time in Thailand on my savings while building a couple of apps. Hopefully these apps will make me stinkin’ rich :)

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